Business Summary

Hope Accelerated is the first Social Impact Incubator focused on deep-tech startups and their impact
solutions for emerging markets in Medtech, Edtech, Cleantech, Fintech, Worktech (financial and
gender inclusion) Agritech & others with a focus on UN SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 17.

We believe deep-tech (machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data)
technology solutions can have a positive and profound impact in emerging economies.


90% incubators fail their investors and portcos
because of poor mentorship during early stage
financing, product development, business
development and marketing of their companies.

We believe that by providing more hands-on
onboarding, analyses, mentoring and development
for our portcos, we ensure a greater probability of
their future success.

The Solution

Instead of handing a check to startups directly, we offer
our co-founders up to US$500,00 in services per startup
with unparalleled hands-on management including
access to other founders that have succeeded; our
advisors, mentors, a network of experienced
entrepreneurs as well as a dedicated technical
development team to build their Minimal Viable Product
(MVP) and get them traction.

We help our startups become mature, self-sustaining and
high-growth stage businesses; help co-founders
round-out their skills, develop a management team to
scale, and, often, raise additional financing. We also
help them “ Fast-test” validation of their ideas; provide
opportunities to create a functioning beta and find initial
case studies for other emerging market deployments;
assist in preparing pitches to obtain follow-up customer
case-studies and revenue, and investment, when needed,
from our vast network of impact and other investors.

Target Market

Our startup co-founders are generally part of a 4 billion worldwide middle to low-income
“unbanked” population who use pre-pay mobile service plans, or have previously lived
extensively in emerging markets.

We believe that they best understand the solutions that are needed in their markets because they
live the challenges themselves every day.

Incubator co-location offices will be set up in Dubai or Accra and Sao Paulo, where short-term
visas are available to most emerging market co-founders and infrastructure is strong.


Katapult, Bongo, Hive, Conscious Venture
Labs, Halcyon, & Gaza Sky Geeks.

Competitive Advantage

None of the competitors offer a decentralized
approach of startup acceleration or focus on
deep-tech solutions for developing markets.

Management Team

Andrew Bartley

Andrew Bartley

Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer

Responsible for Investor Relations to Impact Funds, Family Offices & other PE Funds.  Twenty-five years experience at the International Finance Corporation, World Bank with 80 deals closed, $6 Billion under management. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business. 

A. Pierre Yurow

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Responsible for Startup Management including Onboarding, Mentoring & MVP Development; 25 years of experience; NYU – B.S. Computer Sci. Founder of Venture-backed Spectrum Mobile

Financial Information

Company Stage: New Fund

Previous Capital: US$60k (self-funded)

Monthly Net Burn: US$33k/€30k

Capital Seeking: up to US$10.0 MM/€9.0 MM

Fund Projections

5x DPI – (Distributions to Paid-in-Capital)

6x TVPI – (Total Value to Paid-in-Capital)

25% IRR – (Net Internal Rate of Return)

10 year – Fund Life

3-5 year – Investment Period

3-7 year – Divestment Period

20% – Carry

2% – Management Fee

Combined Pre-money Valuation: US$30M

Pending Off-shore Holdco With Sub-saharan African, Latin American Co-location Offices (Accra, Sao Paulo)

10 Year Financials

Current Portfolio