Business Summary

Hope Accelerated DAO  (H.A. DAO) is the first Social Impact NFT Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on Polygon L2 for the unbanked focused on social impact solutions for emerging markets, in  Medtech, Edtech, Cleantech, Fintech, Worktech (financial and gender inclusion) Agritech & others with a focus on UN SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 17.

H.A. DAO mission is to provide financial & social services to unbanked and underbanked communities worldwide where the State has been unable to adequately provide them. By providing these services in a decentralized way, communities can decide what services are most useful to them and get access to them quickly at zero or at a very, very low cost. H.A. DAO and its dApps is created to serve the needs of non-crypto natives in these economies which is currently about 2.4 Billion people Worldwide.


The problems that H.A. DAO is addressing will not be solved for many years by anyone, including ourselves. That is, because the problems we are trying to solve are so deep in every local unbaked economy, that it will take years to see a great impact.

However, H.A. DAO, sees a benefit of a COLLECTIVE effort of providing microservices that address many of the problems. We make money on an Ad supported model for every dApp and blockchain transactional revenue.

The Solution

The dApps that we have built as microservices as part of this DAO are:,,,,,, So, it is an end-to-end dApp system: a DAO for the Unbanked.

Customer Acquisition

Our Brand Marketing knows how to acquire these types of underbanked holders in communities where there are local civil and religious “influencers:”digital and mobile marketing just does not work because most consumers are not using web2 social media.

Target Market

Underbanked, Unbanked, Underserved.
Some regions will appreciate some dApp microservices more than others, and this is normal, as regional differences play a part.


​​We have a fiat on ramp partner –
We have a handset partner to pre-install our dApps South Asia – Africa –


Maybe MELD on Cardano. Celo. Neither have a DAO, scale of holders or a diversity of key microservices all-in-one place.

Competitive Advantage

None of the competitors offer a DAO Hub with integrated spokes of key dApp microservices Our DAO & dApps is 95% launch ready

Management Team

Andrew Bartley

Andrew Bartley

Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer

Responsible for Investor Relations to Impact Funds, Family Offices & other PE Funds.  Twenty-five years experience at the International Finance Corporation, World Bank with 80 deals closed, $6 Billion under management. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business. 

A. Pierre Yurow

Investor, Founder

Responsible for Startup Management including Onboarding, Mentoring & MVP Development; 25 years of experience; NYU – B.S. Computer Sci. Founder of Venture-backed Spectrum Mobile

Financial Information

Company Stage: New Fund

Previous Capital: US$60k (self-funded)

Monthly Net Burn: US$33k/€30k

Capital Seeking: USD$54M

Up to USD$6.637M (per dApp Startup)

Fund Projections

5x DPI – (Distributions to Paid-in-Capital)

6x TVPI – (Total Value to Paid-in-Capital)

25% IRR – (Net Internal Rate of Return)

10 year – Fund Life

3-5 year – Investment Period

3-7 year – Divestment Period

20% – Carry

2% – Management Fee

Combined Pre-money Valuation: US$619M

Pending Off-shore Holdco With Sub-saharan African, Latin American Co-location Offices (Accra, Sao Paulo)

Tokenomics & Financials

White Paper
DAO Constitution

Current Portfolio